Young South Florida Family Beats the Recession by Offering High-Quality Personalized Baby Gifts

MIAMI, FL -- (Marketwire - November 03, 2010) - Young South Florida family beats the recession by offering high-quality, personalized baby gifts with a hand-crafted touch.

After the birth of their daughter Sophia, parents John Vanegas and Nany Palacio began feeling a need for something they couldn't buy. Most baby gifts and clothes seemed too common. The young parents wanted more unique, more personalized baby gifts for their new daughter.

So the two set to meeting their own needs, and soon saw a prime opportunity in taking on clients...

What started as a hobby -- making customized "personalized onesies" with funny messages and finding the highest quality teething rings and feeding bottles -- quickly developed into serious business.

In an age when parents commonly have to worry about toys covered in lead paint or even tainted formula cranked out by the world's mega-corporations, Nany's handcrafted, personalized baby gifts offered parents a breath of fresh air -- and another reason to smile at their newborn baby.

Their business grew alongside their daughter Sophia... with her needs growing alongside the demand for Nany & John's unique brand of personalized baby gifts.

Officially founded in January 2009, NanyCrafts operates under a straightforward but poignant mission statement; "To provide the opportunity to give customers an authentic gift of quality and unique designed to their liking, to generate even more happiness for the arrival of a loved one."

By February 2009, was offering a wide range of personalized baby gifts -- everything from hand-painted kids jewelry boxes with unique and exclusive designs, to kids piggy banks.

In March of the same year, they introduced a line of hand-painted kids' piggy banks and stationery; invitations handmade according to the filigree technique that also make great cards for reminders, baptisms, or even thank you notes.

As of this writing, the young parents' business has blossomed. Having closed hundreds of sales to delighted buyers, NanyCrafts now offers a variety of personalized kids' furniture, kids' wall décor, teddy bears, wipes cases and security blankets -- each one unique, every one of them a personalized baby gift.

NanyCrafts' products boast a level of craftsmanship and careful detail that often come at a high premium -- quality that's rarely found in the world of personalized baby gifts. "NanyCrafts offers FREE personalization on every item and more!" is the store's policy, "You choose the name. You choose the design."

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